"My 20 year old home was in need of an update.  Diane came over to the house, asked lots of questions and gave me lots of magazines to go through and mark the pages I found appealing. This was to determine my design style since I had no idea….a year later I started a major remodel.  I was able to move out of my house and leave town with full confidence of Diane being in charge.  She sent emails and pictures of the progress.  All major decisions Diane shared with me.  She was so gentle and patient, explaining the reason why something should be done this way or that.  I soon realized she was the expert and was right.  The biggest compliment is when both men and women walk into my home and tell me how comfortable it is.  Diane’s real expertise is in the final touches of design.  She has made my home full of warmth."

Patti C.

DH Design client

"Diane has taken our homes through formal and informal design, and practically the entire color wheel, as I stubbornly held on to hideous pieces of furniture.  I believe that Diane’s greatest strength as a designer is her ability to completely immerse herself in her clients’ vision while still guiding that vision into a cohesive, comfortable reality.  Diane and I have markedly different tastes in design, yet my homes have all been completely “me”. Diane has worked with me on simple transformations by just changing pillows, paint, room arrangements to a full and comprehensive “ground up” design after I lost my home in the Cedar fire in 2003. Another of her strengths is her organization and timely adherence to the progress of a project.  One of Diane’s best ideas is “the book”.  Clients are encouraged to create sections representing each room and include clippings, swatches etc.  This keeps you focused on the direction of your design.  Rare is the talented visionary who can stretch the essentials of their own aesthetic to make someone else’s dream come true but Diane is that rare artist.  I would highly recommend her!"

Kate T.

DH Design client

"I moved into a home that needed furniture, window coverings and that decorative placement touch only a professional interior designer provides.  Diane helped me put together a color palette and guided me through the otherwise exhausting fabric elimination process, bringing balance and complimentary fabrics to each room.  She accessorized rooms with tables, lamps and eye catching fillers that made my home feel warm and inviting. As a result, I am thrilled and proud to have a welcoming, comfortable home that reflects my personality and lifestyle."

Dennie M.

DH Design client

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